The Beginning of Something Great: An Open Letter to You

Took me long enough to push my fears aside and just go for it. But here I am, writing this post/letter as I am ready to show my blog to the entire world! Before I even started working on this project, a part of me would scream “go for it, you got nothing to lose and everything to win,” and the other would just knock me down and say “who do you think you are? You don’t stand a chance.”

I feel like many of us have been in this position more often than we can admit it to ourselves. Victims of our fears and insecurities. I mean, let’s be honest, it is embarrassing to try something and fail, but it is equally embarrassing to realize you did not attempt something for fear of failing – the latter just validates 100% your failure because by not trying at all, you have failed by default.

Am I afraid? Yes! Am I equally excited? Hell, yeah!

Writing is something I enjoy with all my heart and it fills me with thrill to be part of a generation that does not only possess the means to communicate and be heard but also has the courage and determination to make their dreams a reality. I wish you will find my blog inspirational in a way that after reading a post, you will find reasons to stay motivated and get off your butt to start working on the best version of yourself. It is all about creating connections that will change our life for the better because if we are not here to support and encourage each other, then what is the point? While this blog is based on my thoughts, likes, and life, I hope most of you will be able to identify with many if not all my posts.

When I initially started grasping the concept of a blog in my head, I would randomly think of names for it. I was definitely not ready to start a blog without a name that would truly showcase my personality, who I am, and who I aspire to be. Then, it hit me! SOUL AND SPARK! – Spark is what I aim to give when I go out in the world and do anything and everything on a given day. Soul is what I got to fall back on when things get challenging. That voice inside that pushes me just enough to keep on walking and get farther than I could have imagined. One doesn’t exist without the other and both make who I am.

I wanted to launch this blog during Spring because Spring is a symbol of new beginnings and blooming times. This is meaningful in so many ways since this year has been extremely significant to me. After many failed attempts, I have been thriving on many aspects of my life I have wanted to change since I can remember – courage and determination can go a long way when riding this rollercoaster. Adulting is not an easy task, but every day it becomes clearer that life isn’t stopping for me to get the hang of it. I have been reinventing my lifestyle, and, I guess in a way, it could be said that I am blooming again. Taking on new challenges and trying to truly live up to my full potential.

I could type your eyes off talking about every single change I have made in my life, but where is the fun in getting to know each other, right? Let’s just say it hasn’t been easy; I’ve been terrified for so long of the consequences of change and pursuing my dreams. However, I have finally understood that fear should be my friend, not my enemy.


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