Free Falling

Heart racing, hands sweating, nervously laughing. My eyes opened wide, and I completely spaced out. My mind was no longer present. Time stood still for a second and all I could visualize was the thousands of feet separating my body from the ground. I barely heard him saying, “are you ready?” – was I realistically ready? I could not hear a thing. Head tilted to the side, my whole body tight against another human being, a deep scream and there I was. Free falling from 15,000 feet. Mixed feelings invaded me. Was I really living that moment or was it all a product of my imagination? Was I owning the sky or was the whole shenanigan too overwhelming? I couldn’t separate the feelings. I felt it all and nothing at the same time.

I was screaming and I could not hear myself because the scream was getting lost with the wind that seemed to pass right through me. Hitting me hard and cold and without any regard. I was skydiving. My ears were killing me. I felt them buzzing as if my screams had never left my mouth and had flown from the inside all the way up to my ears and were trapped in there. At that moment, I hated it. I hated with all my being the stupidity of throwing myself out of a plane and risking my life for such an escapade.

The parachute opened and my body was pulled upward. I was in shock. My whole being was shaking and I could barely catch my breath. My mind was trying to process what I had just gone through, but it was still gone. I saw my feet hanging, still far away from the ground as I have ever seen them. It was so quiet. So peaceful. Right then I realized my “little” adventure had been worth it. It was the craziest adventure I had ever lived in my life. The thrill was too high to be comprehended. My ears were hurting still and I didn’t care anymore, now I could open my mouth to speak instead of scream. I told my instructor, Adam, how bad my ears were hurting and he advised me to pop them. TO POP THEM! Why didn’t I think of it? The man was a genius!

The adrenaline that was running fast through me started to fade, and I began to regain awareness of what I was living. I WAS SKYDIVING!

Warning: this video may be the funniest thing you will watch today.

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